If you leave, I will life and death dependency-jinlida

Time:2019-09-05 09:12:47

Job fairs in July 2013 has ended, the job fair showed some to the only company, shows its desire for talents like you thirst for love

Yongkang Jinlida Electromechanical Sharpener Manufactoryis one of therelatively larger scale of resin grinding wheel as the current domestic manufacture,Development momentum is swift and violent, in urgent need of recruitment of hero, and create brilliant achievements,By C8 talent decoding a litter XueYouHui and influential partners actively ShuJianWeninvolved in yongkang city talent together led to the big race."Decoding C8 talent" "there is no, only put the wrong position of talent" of the new talents purposed and "inside than out, fit well in good, first choice after training" of the concept of choose and employ persons, manifests the company play heart and talent characteristics to the attention of the people.

The recruitment is by the Manager ms shi personally led, the scene that day, apply for to come to our company booth came in an endless stream, shi is always with a smile always receive each and every one, in the process of communication, friendly easy-going, trace examination talents, fully embodies the a company boss due honour worthy men of letters with the general wind, also show thirst for talents and attaches great importance to the company; This job fair add appropriate new talent for the company, injected fresh blood, and add new vitality for the team.

Back to ancient back today ,Yongkang Jinlida electromechanical sharpener manufacturersince it was founded in 1993, has experienced 20 years of ups and downs, still standing on the bridge, this is company attaches great importance to talent, reuse talents

Over the past 20 years, the company cultivate a batch of talents, glowing in his post, they form a stable company personnel; Over the past 20 years, "reuse talent" in the company is not a slogan, but twenty years has always been consistent implementation of the facts. Believe that in such a system of choose and employ persons, the company must be on the future development of talent, an uptick in business